Here’s Why Wednesday Might Be the Best Night for TV Advertising

Jeff Greenfield, COO, C3 Metrics, said Wednesday ends up as No. 1 in ROI for several reasons. TV ad inventory is priced lower on Wednesday night than Sunday night, and the quality of TV shows is higher on Wednesday and Thursday than Monday and Tuesday, which also leads to higher audience engagement and makes them less likely to focus on smartphones and tablets while the TV is on.  

Wednesday is the “sweet spot” for consumer attention, said C3 Metrics, given that on Mondays people are busy with family chores and activities as they return to work and school. But as the week goes on they finish their errands, and consumers begin to focus more on leisure time. Then, when Thursday night arrives, people are starting to make their weekend plans.  

C3 Metrics said Thursday night is the best ROI performer for theatrical advertising, as has been the case for years.