In 2019, Will Brands Finally Learn If Media Spending Was Worth It?

As Greenfield described it to me, the reasons are crystal clear why marketers should want a more reliable and trusted approach to attribution. 

As data scientists bring their expertise to bear in every walk of business, it’s not surprising that marketing leaders would have to deliver proof of the outcomes for what they spend. 

But how do you know if Attribution actually works? 

As Greenfield points out, there is no substitute for a client learning over time, testing multiple marketing spend models, changing spending, and looking at the impact of marketing changes on business results, whether it be sales or other key metrics. 

As one CMO client recently told Greenfield, “we have been beating the hell out of your team” for the last year. Greenfield says he loves nothing better than putting money into something no one at the client thinks will succeed – and then proving everyone wrong.